Pets & Energy Boosters

Please note: This section is currently in the process of being revised. More information will come soon as the designs are being updated.

Pet Summary

Pets are creatures that you can ‘bind’ to your team which give various benefits, such as increased crafting resources, increased item drop chances or dungeon rewards. Pets can initially be purchased during the presale, but they can be found for sale by players once the game launches. Upon purchase, players are rewarded with an equipable pet.

Pets’ characteristics

Energy Boosters

Guild of Guardians uses an energy system which refills over time, and is depleted whenever a player enters a dungeon.

Unlike traditional free-to-play games where players have to pay in-app currencies for extra energy, Guild of Guardians will have a unique energy mechanic and have Energy Booster NFTs, which provide a permanent boost to energy. Furthermore, heroes will get ‘fatigued’ if they enter a dungeon too much in one day, which causes them to suffer penalties such as stat reductions or requiring extra energy to use.

Energy boosters will:

  • remove the Fatigue rate increase a hero would suffer from when going into a Dungeon

  • allow players to use their favorite heroes for longer without suffering penalties to Hero Stats

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