Design Principles

Guild of Guardians is built from the ground-up focusing on design principles which we firmly believe lead to an engaging and successful blockchain game:

Player ownership of content:

Players actually own content within the game, meaning instead of it being a sunk cost players can retain and trade their in-game assets.

Deeply engaging gameplay:

Character collection and squad development offer profound depths through dynamic game systems, innovative level-up techniques, and unique merging and crafting systems. All of this is built on top of a captivating universe set in the world of Elderym. The game beckons players into a journey of exploration and challenges, told through dungeons and events. The allure of the unfolding story and its vibrant and diverse ensemble of characters encourages extended play.

Long-term, sustainable engagement:

Roguelike mechanics drive long-term sustained engagement in Guild of Guardians. Each playthrough offers a unique experience, ensuring that no two runs are ever the same. This fuels a sense of discovery and challenge, as players must continuously adapt their strategies to the ever-changing game conditions. Together, these elements create a compelling loop of learning, adaptation, and incremental progress, keeping players engaged over an extended period as they strive to master the game's intricacies.

It is also the perfect companion game on mobile, tailored to seamlessly complement players’ lifestyle. Thanks to parallel play, the gameplay experience will enable players to seamlessly adapt their engagement level, allowing them to enjoy the game while simultaneously partaking in other activities. Its flexibility and accessibility organically integrates into your life, providing entertainment that fits their schedule and needs.

Social cooperation:

Players have to work together in order to maximize progression and rewards. Specialization is part of the game and players will need to work together to progress. Trading with each other is a core component of Guild of Guardians.

A truly authentic player driven game economy:

Large amounts of content in the game will be player generated. Players can bypass the traditional gacha system mechanics and get exactly what they need from our public marketplace.

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