We have hundreds of weapons and pieces of armor ready for players to find, and create. Each one can have unique buffs that provide stat bonuses to Guardians that they are equipped with. Certain sets of equipment may also offer boosts to your Guardian if equipped together. Guild of Guardians will not sell equipment.

Equipment Types

  • Basic Equipment

    • Four equipment slots that represent the standard gear a Guardian wears

    • Equipment will have fixed and random affixes based on Rarity

    • There are Tiers of Equipment which are unlocked via game progression

    • Equipment can be reinforced with in-game resources which scale equipment between tiers

    • Weapon, Helm, Body, Feet

  • Exclusive Equipment

    • The 5th equipment slot

    • A piece of equipment with an exclusive bond with a specific Guardian. Other Guardians cannot equip items in this slot that aren’t attributed to them

    • Eg. “Lia’s Amulet, Morax’s Gloves, etc”

  • Artifacts

    • The 6th equipment slot

    • Powerful gear that can be customized to provide specific Guardians unique passive effects


There are currently no plans to have equipment modify the appearance of heroes in or out of Dungeons.

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