Token Utilities


The $GOG token is a utility token that will be used across the Guild of Guardians universe with several utility use cases. $GOG token's primary emission in-game is via Leaderboard Rewards and other competitive or collaborative game-modes. The Guild of Guardians team, in partnership with Guardians Guild Limited, aim to drive continuous improvements to the token’s utilities where and when it serves the interest of the game.

Utility #1: Gems are needed to mint gaming NFTs

  • Creating a blockchain asset in Guild of Guardians is a premium action where $GOG is a core component.

  • Players can access the minting ability primarily through the ownership of the $GOG token, with potential special events that allow spending of the $GOG token to mint a Guardian.

  • Free-to-play players will have limited access to minting through in-game activities, and/or competing in Leaderboards.

  • Holding rewards and minting rates will be live-operated to ensure a sustainable economy balance and a fun & smooth experience for players

Utility #2: $GOG is required in Altar transactions

  • The Altar will be available for special promotional events that aims to actively rebalance excess supply of NFTs in the Guild of Guardians economy with exciting rewards and offers

  • One of the key ingredients to activate the Altar is with the use of $GOG tokens.

  • $GOG tokens used in the Altar will accrue to the Guild of Guardians team, with 20% carved out for Active Staking rewards.

Utility #3: $GOG can be used to buy assets in secondary sales and future NFT primary sales

  • Players can also list their blockchain assets and denominate the secondary sale (peer to peer) in $GOG, requiring traders to spend $GOG to acquire specific assets.

  • In addition, whenever a player trades assets in a secondary sale (peer to peer), 20% of the marketplace fee that Guild of Guardians charges must be paid in $GOG and sent to a rewards pool (see Utility #4 below).

    • To simplify the user experience, we will likely allow all purchases to occur in a single transaction and purchase $GOG on the open market and transfer those $GOG to the rewards pool on the buyer’s behalf.

  • $GOG may also be used for future NFT Primary Sales.

Utility #4: $GOG tokens are distributed back to players via Active Staking rewards from Guardians Guild Limited

  • $GOG tokens will be distributed back to players as rewards in the form of Active Staking.

  • Active Staking rewards will be funded by:

    • In-App Purchases of Guardians: 20% of the net revenue generated from in-app purchases will be used to purchase $GOG on the open market for the Active Staking rewards.

    • Fees: 20% of royalty fees will be swapped on the open market for the Active Staking rewards.

    • Altar: 20% of $GOG tokens used in the Altar will be used for the Active Staking rewards.

  • $GOG rewards will be given away via active staking, where players must stake their $GOG tokens AND actively participate in the game and ecosystem to receive rewards.

  • Further details will be announced subsequently on the Active Staking rewards program.

Utility #5: Used for Governance and Voting

  • In the future, the Guardians Guild Limited is considering $GOG token holders being able to vote on token-related proposals via decentralized governance. Proposals may include topics such as but not limited to how to allocate token reserves, voting on developer grants, activating daily rewards and changes in token supply.

  • In order to submit a proposal for voting, it is expected that an individual will need to own a certain threshold of tokens, which will be determined by the Foundation at a later date.

  • The Foundation has the right to propose items to be put to vote that are seen as positive for the ecosystem as a whole, and will perform a facilitation role in the curation of proposals that will be voted on by all token holders.

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