$GOG Tokens

The $GOG token is an ERC-20 token that can be used across the Guild of Guardians ecosystem and universe. The $GOG token is issued by Guardians Guild Limited.

$GOG Overview

The $GOG token ($GOG) is the centerpiece of the Guild of Guardians ecosystem. Players can use the $GOG token to enhance and deepen their experience within the Guild of Guardians game, both through using and holding the $GOG token to unlock a broad range of exciting and rewarding experiences for players.

$GOG tokens will be available as rewards for competing in the games leaderboards and other challenging in-game activities as well as through discretionary community rewards for activities that enrich the Guild of Guardians ecosystem. These rewards will be distributed by Guardians Guild Limited.

Uses of $GOG

  • Minting Assets: $GOG is used to mint gaming NFTs - unlocking NFT ownership & tradeability and additional in-game features and perks.

  • Access to Altar of Sacrifice: The Altar is a web-based minting system designed for web3 users that aims to assist in balancing the game’s economy. The $GOG token will be used to power Altar transactions and pay for primary creation fee and the minting fees.

  • Active Staking: Active participants in the ecosystem may receive a loyalty bonus.

  • Payment: Guild of Guardians NFTs can be bought and sold in $GOG via the NFT marketplace. 20% of the marketplace fee that the Publisher charges must be paid in $GOG Token and is sent for Active Staking rewards.

  • Governance: In future, it is planned that token holders will be able vote on game decisions via decentralized governance.

See Token Utilities for more details.

Where to get $GOG

  • Play and Earn: Pre-register with your email at guildofguardians.com to participate in-game (including early demos) and in the community to earn player and community rewards

  • Purchase: You can buy $GOG on many popular exchanges such as OKX and Sushiswap

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