Market Overview


We know web3 gaming needs to provide all of the top-tier entertainment that web2 gaming brings, while also tackling key challenges that have yet to be solved in the web3 space.

  • Historically, players can only enjoy the short-term entertainment value of a game without being able to truly own the in-game assets.

  • Players’ time and efforts drive game engagement and the game economy, but historically players' participation in the economy is trapped within their account.

  • The user experience within the web3 ecosystem falls short of being seamless, posing a barrier to widespread adoption among mainstream users.

Why a Roguelite Squad RPG?

We believe that a roguelite squad RPG has the best chance of delivering on the four key goals in the summary. It's a genre that lets us deliver a captivating experience, for the widest audience, whilst integrating web3 game features in a sustainable way.

Our Solutions

  • Work with a web2 partner that can deliver an amazing web2 gaming experience that allows us to focus on the core challenge of creating a seamless experience in the integration of web2 and web3 on mobile.

  • Implementing a two-track in-game economy that nurtures traditional players who are new to web3 integrations, enabling them to naturally and organically explore the benefits and resources of the web3 ecosystem.

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