Mobile RPG Overview

The Squad RPG Genre

Larger Player Base, Higher Chance at Success

The annual revenue of the mobile squad RPG market is $5.9 billion and growing at 50%+ year-on-year, making it one of the most popular genres in the world. (Source: Sensor Tower Game Intelligence 2022)

(Source: Sensor Tower Game Intelligence 2022)

The Squad RPG genre has the second largest target audience base in mobile RPG. In 2022, 25.9% of the total RPG game install came from Squad RPG. (Source: Sensor Tower Game Intelligence 2022)

High Spending Per Player

Spending per player in mobile RPGs is very high because of the deep collectability and retention of these games, as per the examples below. There is a massive opportunity to unlock even more potential by introducing real ownership, tradability and provenance.

(Source: Slice Intelligence)

Market Comparables

The overall Squad RPG market itself is highly fragmented, unlike other RPG sub-genres where the top 5 games dominate most download and revenue. This fragmentation allows lots of room for new entrants to break in and completely disrupt the market.

(Source: Sensor Tower Game Intelligence 2022)

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