Supply Schedule

There will be a maximum of 1 billion $GOG tokens.

Token Distribution

ParticipantSupply# of $GOG tokens

Player Rewards



Community Rewards






Guardians Guild Limited



Public Sale



Private Sale






Unlock Schedule

$GOG tokens unlock at a predetermined rate per distribution category that is designed to support long-term game growth and ecosystem sustainability of Guild of Guardians. The anticipated Unlock Schedule is illustrated below:

Projected Unlock Schedule for $GOG

Early Backers

  • 11% of the total supply (i.e. 110,000,000 $GOG) are reserved for sale. From the full amount 5% via a private and 6% for the community public sale to encourage early use and drive incentive alignment amongst early adopters to support the Guild of Guardians game.

  • Private sale tokens will unlock over 30 months, with a 12-month cliff.

  • Public sale tokens unlock in two tranches:

    • 20M $GOG will have a 12-month cliff

    • 40M $GOG - half of this is unlocked immediately and the other half unlocked after 12-months

  • We may also provide early access to the game or exclusive heroes (NFTs) to early backers via the Altar.


  • 200,000,000 $GOG is allocated to the Guild of Guardians team in payment for development services in building out the Guild of Guardians game.

  • These tokens unlock over 48 months with a 12-month cliff aligned to the long term development of the game.

Player Rewards

  • 350,000,000 $GOG will be set aside for rewards which will fund distribution of $GOG to players depending on qualifying game behaviors, such as Leaderboard competitions.

  • Player rewards are designed to reward competitive and high-skill gameplay. These rewards will be paid on a regular cadence to different players based on their achievements. Exact rewards rates and structure are subject to change over time at the discretion of Guardians Guild Limited, based on how rewards will best serve the game ecosystem and its’ players.

  • Rewards will unlock over 48 months following the game launch.

Community Rewards

  • 280,000,000 $GOG will be held for discretionary rewards called ‘Community Rewards’, distributed to the community at the discretion of the issuer of $GOG, Guardians Guild Limited. 220,000,000 $GOG will be made available from day one, and the remaining 60,000,000 unlock linearly over 3 years with a 12-month cliff.

  • The discretionary pool has several benefits:

    • Rewarding activities are difficult to quantify but add significant value to the game and game economy, such as referring a friend or managing the community. Providing rewards to the entire game community makes the game better not just for its regular players but for the entire network.

    • Allow for iterations to the rewards distribution approach to ensure economic sustainability and introduction of new programs and mechanics for rewarding the GOG community.

  • Example allocations of discretionary rewards include:

    • Bonus rewards for founder NFT purchases

    • Liquidity provider rewards

    • Referrals and affiliates

    • Content creation and community participation

    • 3rd party development

    • Partners and advisors

    • Competition rewards

Guardians Guild Limited

  • Guardians Guild Limited will hold 60,000,000 $GOG: 30,000,000 of which will be available from the first day in a corporate treasury, and Guardians Guild Limited intends to commit some of these tokens to liquidity pools and other corporate uses

  • The remainder unlock over a 48 month period with a 12 month cliff

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