Guild of Guardians will reach potential users by focusing on the following areas:

Competitive user acquisition

Mobile gaming growth is typically driven by paid user acquisition. Our internal A/B testing research shows that web3 games can achieve up to 30% lower acquisition costs than traditional games. This means that Guild of Guardians have a unique advantage in user acquisition.

Social-driven retention

One of the key drivers to growth is retention - the fewer players who leave the game, the faster you grow. Peer analysis shows that web3 gaming can already increase D30 retention from a typical 4% to 10% or above (Source: Cryptoslate). Guild of Guardians will focus on player retention by leveraging social retention mechanics. Squad-based gameplay creates unique dynamics that incentivises users to play for longer or create a better playing experience for those around them. In other words, you're more likely to play a game if you are making friends and playing with friends.

In our latest Friends and Family milestone, we’ve achieved strong retention rates:

  • Day 1 (D1) retention stands impressively at 65.85%, 36.85% higher than the average D1 retention of 29%

  • Day 3 (D3) retention at a robust 58.73%

  • Day 7 (D7) retention is a remarkable 43.38% retention, 23.38% above the industry average of 20% D7 for successful mobile game projects.

(Source for Average Retention: Adjust Mobile App Retention Benchmarks for 2023)

Read more about our Friends and Family Demo results here.

Community-driven growth

Community is king. Rewarding the community is a must. Combine these two, and it makes sense that we plan to foster the Guild of Guardians community. We plan to deploy unique NFT systems such as share-to-earn or create-to-earn rewards to incentivise mass involvement by the community in promoting the game. We have achieved early results here:

  • 50% of Guild of Guardian Wave 1 Founder NFT sales were from referrals

  • 100k+ email sign-ups were from referrals

  • 30k Discord members joined due to a viral giveaway campaign that was shared among communities

In addition, in partnership with Guardians Guild Limited, there may also be community grants and token allocations to encourage third party developers and operators to build on top of the Guild of Guardians universe.

True Digital Ownership

Our mission is to bring the joy of digital ownership to every player in our ecosystem. For a game like Guild of Guardians this means that free-to-play players who account for the majority of gamers on mobile will have pathways to become owners of NFTs. We have carefully curated our player journey in a way that enables smooth onboarding of millions of players into the web3 ecosystem while simultaneously preserving the stability of our game economy. Our goal is to create an experience where players are naturally motivated and curious to discover how to engage in the game ecosystem, and are incentivised to participate in our vibrant communities, all while having fun and competing for exciting rewards.

Token-based incentives and governance

The $GOG token is an ERC-20 utility token that is the centerpiece of the Guild of Guardians universe. It is designed for rewarding ecosystem participation and growth in the Guild of Guardians universe, including but not limited to content creation, gameplay achievement, community engagement, mentorship amongst other pro-game activities. Immutable is not the issuer of the tokens. The token issuer is Guardians Guild Limited. Guardians Guild Limited received the Digital Worlds Foundation (the Foundation), ), a British Virgin Islands business company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with limited liability. Immutable, the publisher of Guild of Guardians, is an independent service provider to the Foundation.

The $GOG token will be distributed by Guardians Guild Limited to players and broader ecosystem participants alike as an incentive alignment tool - in service of promoting the overall growth of the game.

The $GOG token is the primary gateway to NFT creation (aka ‘minting) of Guardians, simultaneously unlocking digital ownership, and enabling players to trade with each other. $GOG will also be available as rewards for competing in the game’s leaderboards and other challenging in-game activities.

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