Growth Strategy

Guild of Guardians growth will be accelerated by focusing on the following areas:

Hyper competitive user acquisition

Mobile gaming growth is typically driven by paid user acquisition. Our internal A/B testing research shows that play-to-earn games can achieve 30% lower acquisition costs than standard games. This means that Guild of Guardians have a unique cost advantage in user acquisition. Our early testing indicated that unoptimised ads for Guild of Guardians are able to achieve $0.35 CPI in the US. This could be vastly improved with optimisation.

Social-driven retention

One of the key drivers to growth is retention - the fewer players who leave the game, the faster you grow. Peer analysis shows that NFT gaming can already increase D30 retention from a typical 20-30% up to 80% (source: Axie Infinity, My Crypto Heroes). Guild of Guardians can push this retention even further by leveraging social retention mechanics. Guild-based gameplay creates unique dynamics that incentivises users to play for longer or create a better playing experience for those around them. In other words, you're more likely to play a game if you are making friends and playing with friends.

Community-driven growth

Community is king. Rewarding the community is a must. Combine these two, and it makes sense that we plan to leverage the community to grow Guild of Guardians. We plan to deploy unique NFT systems such as share-to-earn or create-to-earn to incentivise mass involvement by the community in promoting the game. We know how to make things go viral and have achieved early results here:
  • 50% of Guild of Guardian Wave 1 Founder NFT sales were from referrals
  • 100k+ email sign-ups were from referrals
  • 30k Discord members joined due to a viral giveaway campaign that was shared among communities
We also plan to set up community grants and allocate funds to encourage 3rd party developers and marketers to build on top of the Guild of Guardians universe.

Free to Play and Earn

There is no shortage of the number of players who want to play a game while earning. One of the main limitations of existing NFT games is their high barrier to entry. Guild of Guardians is a mobile-native game available to download directly from the app store and made available for free. This unlocks the ability to onboard millions of players in a frictionless way.

Token-based incentives and governance

The in-game currency of Guild of Guardians will be tradeable. The token will be distributed to players, as well as participants in the ecosystem, which promotes the overall growth of the game. We plan to use the token to align incentives, reward players, and perform governance. Player-driven token ownership will hypercharge the community and project's growth, as users become incentivised to work with us and make the game successful.