Business Model

Guild of Guardians is a free-to-play mobile game that operates the game as a service. However, the potential does not stop there. There are many businesses that can sit on top of the core game, which we expect will be developed over time (by the community or us). Here is our universe:
  • NFT trading marketplace
  • Lending and 'sponsorship' platforms
  • Community guides, newsletters and analysis
  • eSports tournaments and competitions
  • Social hub and gathering for like-minded players
  • Metaverse expansions into worlds such as Sandbox or Decentraland, 3rd party developed games and more

Revenue Model

There are three primary revenue drivers for Guild of Guardians as a game.
  • Primary Sales: Guild of Guardians sells seasonal content as NFTs. These are limited editions and will be usable in the mobile game. Examples include heroes, pets, guilds and energy boosters
  • Secondary Sales (trading fees): Guild of Guardians takes a % fee from all secondary transactions of NFTs. This is our primary driver of revenue long-term, as we aim to create a billion-dollar economy.
  • In-app purchases: Guild of Guardians will have some in-app purchases for players. These will likely be minimal but will allow us to build a strong relationship with app store developers and appeal to mainstream users.
We strongly believe in community-driven development, and money earned from sales will be used to grow the game as part of our growth strategy.