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Guild of Guardians Gems ($GOG Token)

Guild of Guardians Gems are an ERC-20 token ($GOG) that can be used in the Guild of Guardians universe. Gems are created, issued and distributed by Guardians Guild Limited, who have partnered with Guild of Guardians.

$GOG Overview

Guild of Guardians Gems ($GOG) is the center of the Guild of Guardians community.
Holders can use Gems in-game, claim rewards via active staking, and shape the future of Guild of Guardians in key governance votes.
Players will also be able to earn $GOG by playing the Guild of Guardians mobile game and through discretionary community rewards for activities that enrich the Guild of Guardians ecosystem.

Uses of $GOG

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    Active Staking: Players can stake their tokens to receive $GOG rewards. Stakers are required to actively participate in the Guild of Guardians ecosystem in order to be eligible for rewards.
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    Payment: $GOG is the principal currency used in the Guild of Guardians universe. New NFTs may only be minted with $GOG, and can also be bought and sold in $GOG via the NFT marketplace.
  3. 3.
    Governance: Token holders can vote on important game decisions and token-related proposals via decentralized governance.
See Token Utility for more details

Guild of Guardians Summary

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    Players currently spend $100 billion on in-game items but do not truly own them. Guild of Guardians, a mobile team RPG, is a perfect fit for true ownership via NFTs: per-player spend is very high for this genre (see Market Overview), and this spend will no longer be a sunk cost, which means players will be willing to invest more time an energy in-game
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    There is already proven interest in web2 RPGs like Runescape, World of Warcraft, Diablo, EVE, etc. We are not betting on a new magic formula. We are building on something that already works, and making it better.
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    The game economy is built for trading and collecting highly differentiated heroes. $GOG is at the center of this ecosystem: every time a trade or mint occurs in-game, $GOG is used which in turn can then be used to reward active stakers of $GOG.

Key Metrics

  • 260,000+ Pre-Registrations
  • $20,000,000+ USD Primary Sales (Founder NFTs, $GOG)
  • 200,000+ Assets Sold

Recent Progress and Upcoming Events

  • July 2022: Surprise GOG Demo (20,000+ applications, 8,000+ play testers, 8/10 rating) - read more on our Medium post
  • Coming soon: Alpha launch

Where to get $GOG

  • Play and Earn: Pre-register with your email at to participate in-game (including early demos) and in the community to earn player and community rewards
  • Purchase: You can buy $GOG on many popular exchanges