Heroes are unique characters that players will take into Dungeons to defeat monsters and collect rewards. As a player, you will have to form your strategy and the team of heroes based on your desired playstyle.


Heroes in Guild of Guardians are found from Summoning, which can be done by purchasing a summon or playing the game and earning summoning shards.

Hero Properties

Each hero will have a unique set of properties that dictate its playstyle, strengths and weaknesses. Players can form their dream team of heroes and choose how they want to play and specialise, meaning there will be heroes and synergies for everyone.
  • Determines the general type of hero (e.g. humans will typically be Empire);
  • Monsters will have strengths and weaknesses against certain factions;
  • Heroes of different factions will have access to different drop tables, adding a layer of strategy to the game.
  • Hero class is used to determine what equipment each hero can use.
  • Units of a particular element gain 30% extra damage against those of a 'weaker' element, which adds strategic depth to the game;
  • Follows a traditional elemental advantage system, as shown below.
  • Indicates the scarcity and relative power level of the hero, with legendary being the rarest and most powerful;
  • Note that each hero will still have its strengths and weaknesses such that, for example, a rare hero could be better than a legendary hero, depending on the situation.
In addition to the above characteristics, each hero has two abilities: one Active and one Passive.
  • Passive abilities grant heroes certain buffs or synergy effects together with other heroes;
  • Active abilities are like ultimate actions that can clear a room, heal an entire team, taunt a boss, or deal massive single target damage.
Each hero will also have a level cap. Once a hero is at the max level, a player can ‘ascend’ it, which will increase its level cap. This unlocks the heroes’ potential power!
Example Hero Properties
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